Do you want to learn bass and be able to play in a band just in a few weeks?

“Most of my students are guitarists. Indeed that is my main specialty. I also do Bass Lessons, from beginners to intermediate, aspiring bass players. It is a great additional instrument to learn, I learned originally because I wanted to expand a play more, now I do regular replacements in bands!

Bass Lessons Music School Dublin
Bass Lessons Music School Dublin

It is a fantastic instrument to learn in so many ways!
Guitar teachers often do bass guitar lessons, but with me you won´t be taught to play like a guitarist. I started to play bass 10 years ago when I was in Paris, a time where I was not moving in guitar and was looking for other challenges. I started to work on Jamiroquai´s bass lines 3 hours a day and I never really stopped playing bass since. Although these two instruments are very similar in their structure (fretboard), the bass player has obviously a different role in the band and must be `glued´ more than anything else to the drums and percussion.
The groove and percussive play is essential and I learned techniques from several teachers down there in Paris which will help you to move a big step forward.”  Patrice


Bass Guitar Lessons cover most of the modern music styles : Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk/ RnB, Reggae

Topics I usually deal with for Bass Guitar Lessons:

  • General right hand technique : position, regularity in keeping the beat, use of 2 and 3 fingers, slapping, shuffle and swing rhythms…
  • Left hand : Common patterns using roots and fifths, sixth and flat seven and their relation to a chord.
  • Bass chords.
  • Theory : Harmony and bass scales, and how to practice them, but also how to use them in practice.
  • Improvisation.
  • Ear training.
  • Practice of common and well known bass lines, but also learn how to create your own…
  • Band Workshops are included as part of our Bass Guitar lessons.

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