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Drum Lessons Music School Dublin
Drum Lessons Music School Dublin

A Drummer is essential to a band. Even at a basic level, you need to be confident as you are leading the rhythm section. The best way to start is with basic beat patterns, and practice them slow enough, to understand how your hands and feet are interacting. We have teamed up with one of the best drum and percussion teachers in Dublin to provide you with the best experience in drum training. If you want to start playing the drums and be sure of a smooth start, or you want to improve your playing to the next level, and for good, then you should go for one of our drum lesson programs.

During your Drum Lessons in our Music School, you will get direct feedback of your progress, a full range of advice and motivation that you need. It’s important to the learn the right things at the right time, even more so for drums, and not to skip any steps along the way.

Drum Lessons Music School Dublin
Drum Lessons Music School Dublin

“Jordan, the Drum teacher from SimplyMusic is patient, and creative in his approach, I would recommend him and the school, big time!”
Paul, 38, Dublin

“I started teaching myself, struggling to play simple a rhythm with solid timing all the way through. Once I started lessons, my playing quickly increased in competence and confidence!”
Seamus, 26, Maynooth


5 Reasons why it’s great to play the drums

1 – It´s easy

We often wrongly assume that playing the drums is harder that any other instrument, it´s not! Every instrument has its own challenges and it´s not more challenging for the drums, it´s just different. Basic rhythms, and rudiments, breaks that go with them can be learned in no time. It´s a question of patience and perseverance, like everything else!!

2 – It doesn’t have to be loud

Again we have a wrong assumption here, while it´s true that acoustic drums could be noisy for your neighbors, you can now get great affordable electronic drum-kits that can easily fit into a corner of the room. They keep us modern drummers in the game…no excuses not to practice, in any circumstances:)

3 – The beat of a drum is essential

Like your own heartbeat, the beat of a drum is the heart of the music, and even if the drummer is not at the front on stage, his role is essential. Life is made of rhythms, it´s a primary element in the music. One of the distinct differences with drums and drum lessons is you don´t have to learn any melodic notes or scales. You´re driving the music and giving it a tempo, a pace, a groove!

4 – A drummer can easily find a band

In Dublin, and in Ireland in general, if you become a good drummer you have a good chance to find a great band. From an amateur to a professional perspective, whatever your project is, you´ll be in demand, and will have more interesting opportunities, as opposed to other musicians like singers or guitarists.

5 – Interaction with other musicians

From an early stage, you will quickly have to play in a band configuration, with other instruments. As part of our Drum lesson program students who would like to avail of our band workshops can have a great opportunity to play with other learning musicians, and as an added bonus, we offer this at no extra cost..


Drum Lessons at our studios in Dublin 2:


  • Beginners: Get started playing essential and simple rhythms patterns and learn the basics of technique and independence / interaction with hands, feet… smoothly but surely, it will be about developing the internal clock:)
  • Intermediate:  Advanced: Music Notation, Advanced Drum Technique, Chops builders etc.
  • Workshops in band situations.
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