• You would like to learn guitar but you don’t know how to get started ?
  • You tried a couple of online tutorials but you can’t go further ?
  • Are you looking for guitar lessons for you child?
  • You’re playing already but you’re stuck in a rut ?

        If you are looking for guitar lessons from an established team of guitar teachers in Dublin you have come to the right place.

So why taking Guitar Lessons with Simply Music?

  1. We have been providing guitar lessons in Dublin city Centre since 2009 and have taught thousands of students over the years.
  2. Since we’ve been around for quite a while, we have developed the expertise that very few guitar teachers in Dublin will have. Helping people playing the guitar from an amateur to a professional level is what we do best.
    We simply are the right guys for the job!!
  3. The methods that we use will definitely help you set up specific guitar playing goals and stick to them. You will be able to see how gradually, you could be a great guitar player and have so much fun in the process.
  4. Book your FREE lesson and enquire about our prices now, we are the most competitive on the market. 

         What we do:

  • We teach electric, acoustic guitar and bass.
  • Beginners to advanced levels.
    Guitar Lessons Music School Dublin
                    Guitar Lessons with the Boys!
  • Kids from 6 years old to Adults.
  • Most modern music styles are taught.
  • All the essential guitar skills will be shown in a very effective rotation:
    Strum, chords, finger-picking, picking, scales and soloing, Music Theory for Guitar.
  • And yes we’re going to learn and play loads of songs!
  • Preparation to grades.
  • Ear training.
  • Songwriting.
  • Band Workshops, Student Gigs (this is the cool stuff!) to help you play in real situations and interact with other musicians .


Book your FREE LESSON now !