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Learn the Piano or get better with a fast and fun approach.

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Music School Piano & Keyboard Lessons

You want to play the piano, but you don’t know how to get started?
You want to play your favorite pieces and songs in no time?
You already play but don’t make progress?
You want to learn in a friendly and relaxed environment?
You want to experience playing with a full band?

Then you need an expert hand to guide you on this journey!

Over the last seven years, that method has allowed more than 500 pupils to learn the piano beyond their expectations.

Enjoy fun and rewarding Keyboard and Piano Lessons for all styles and all levels, and experience the satisfaction of learning and performing your favorite songs!

Tuition held in Dublin 2, city centre.

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Coaching solutions:

Piano & Keyboard Lessons Music School Dublin
Piano & Keyboard Lessons Music School Dublin
  • Suitable for piano, digital piano and electronic keyboards.
  • Private and groups, beginners and intermediate, adults and kids. 
  • All music styles, including your own… 
  • Basic music theory, no need for advanced sight-reading. 
  • All types of chords, scales and how to use them in songs. 
  • Solo and improvisation. 
  • Ear training. 
  • Song-writing. 
  • Band Workshops (learn how to play in a band situation). 
  • Live sessions. 
  • The first lesson and assessment is FREE

Book your lessons for one month and get:

Piano & Keyboard Lessons Music School Dublin
Piano & Keyboard Lessons Music School Dublin

– One or two weekly private or group lessons
– Access to our band workshops
– Access to the student live events (play on stage with a full band)

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“Phil is a very passionate and highly talented musician, his teaching style is very inspirational and he shares his excitement for music with his pupils. He taught me the theory, not just how to read it, but how to truly understand the structure and logic behind it. He then encourages his pupils to chose the music they want to play, teaches them to play by ear themselves and how to improvise too. Every lesson ended on a high with me singing along to the music still afterwards on the way home. Needless to say I can thoroughly recommend Phil’s piano lessons!”

“Phil really does make learning piano very simple. As soon as I learned my scales and chords, I was able to start playing my favorite songs. He’s a great teacher and my lessons are fun!“

“Thanks for helping me get to where I am now. I really appreciated it. When I finished the last song I said “Cheers Phil” as I closed the piano“
Gary (Singer now performing on piano)

“I am really happy for how much I have improved in the last two months, I didn’t believe when I started I would be able to play those songs in such a short time! I’m really happy I have found Phil as a teacher!“

“Philip is a very experienced pianist and immediately makes you feel comfortable. His relaxed yet efficient approach makes for a great learning experience. If you’ve always wanted to learn the piano or improve your skills, but were too shy to take lessons, Philip might just have what you need!“

“I never thought I would be able to play the songs I like, compose and improvise. Very efficient method!”

“Phil is superb at teaching, great piano lessons and very reasonable!”

“Phil is very pleasant and the lessons helped me a lot”

“Very solid and flexible. I improved a lot!“