The “Uke”,  easy and such fun instrument to play
Ideal for kids, perfect for busy adults!

Simply Music Lessons Music School Dublin

Ukulele Lessons Music School Dublin
Ukulele Lessons, Music School Dublin

Are you looking to play an instrument, rather straight forward to learn?
Well you should seriously consider the Ukulele.
– It has a great sound.
– It’s the ideal companion to sing along songs at parties.
– The kids love it, it is small and handy to play for them, especially younger kids.
– It fits perfectly with a guitar or another instrument due to its distinctive sound.
– You will progress fast, while learning important fundamentals in music (rhythm, theory)
– And it’s is simply fun, fun, fun all the way!


         Ukulele Programs for Kids and Adults:

  • Ukulele lessons held in Dublin 2

    Ukulele Lessons Music School Dublin
    Ukulele lessons, Music School Dublin
  • Private lessons and small group classes.
  • Kids from 5/6 years old to Adults.
  • All the essential skills:
    Strum, chords, arpeggios, finger-picking, etc..
  • Wide range of songs
  • Video support materials
  • Practice guidelines,
  • Several band workshops, and performance recitals throughout the year.


Contact us to arrange a free lesson, we are located in Dublin 2,  in a very convenient location, in the heart of Dublin City centre.


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